Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introducing Monique and Les Neuftuplets

Okay, I just realized if I'm reporting on the progress and showing images that I'm gonna have to probably reveal plot points, which I don't really want to do in advance. So, I'm gonna try to do this without giving away too much of the story. (As a favour to you. It's like waiting till Christmas morning to open your presents... But reading this blog is like seeing it wrapped up and under the tree, and being able to shake it and whatnot... Nevermind, I was never the best with analogies.)

This episode (entitled Bucket Babies) introduces the character of Monique, Jelly's cousin from "the old country", who asks Honey and Jelly to babysit her nine children ("the neuftuplets"). As you can see, she resembles her cousin, but to make it easier for the viewer to tell them apart, she's smothered in stereotypes, just short of the escargot:

She even gained a little notoriety in her homeland:

And finally, we leave you now with a reactionary shot:

What's she reacting to? Wellllll, stay tuned, kids!

P.S. I just got done reading the archives over at Julia Wertz' Fart Party. You should go there now and read them too, yep yep.

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