Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comic strip?

So we've expanded the Some Town universe to include a comic strip. (And maybe eventually a graphic novel.) The strip is currently running in the Boyne City Gazette, so if you're in Northern Michigan, you should try and check it out... For all the rest of the world, I'll be uploading them on here each week the week after they appear in the paper. So check back every Wednesday-ish for a new strip and maybe a little commentary.

With that, here's the first installment:

Admittedly, this is my first attempt at a comic since the last issue of Incredulous in late 2006, so this first strip was more of a test/rehearsal than anything else... But so far I've done 11 strips and there's just two I don't like so much... So I guess that's pretty good odds!

Oh, and feel free to look us up on Facebook if you're so inclined...

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