Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Character development

When we first started the cartoon about a year ago, I was unsure about how a couple characters should look...

I knew D.W. would be an overweight sweater-wearing bespectacled "classic" nerd, but to what extreme? Should he have bad acne and sweat all the time? I think he was originally supposed to be repulsive, and in the end I think the girls thought I made him too "cute", but I'm used to the design now... Oh, and just to clear something up, a lot of people think he's old, but he was in the same high school class as Frat Dad and Stella...

I originally went with the third Granny design, because she was supposed to have a pet dodo bird that looked just like her. She appeared this way in Musician Audition, but by the time I animated the opening credits, she looked a lot more like my first design, which I believe Holly and Jenny had wanted me to go with in the first place.

I wasn't too worried about Stella, as originally she was only supposed to appear in Frat Dad Says Goodbye, but I think we all liked the character and liked the way Jenny played her, so she stuck around. Based on Veronica Lake, I'm glad we went with the design we did.

On the other hand, there was no real question about the Neuftuplets... This was the only drawing I did of them before beginning production on Bucket Babies.

Frat Dad (although he had not yet received that nomenclature) had already begun life in The Vermeers' 2007 music video for Just Killin' Time. (Whether or not this video is considered canon is up to the fans to decide...)

Same goes for Honey and Jelly, who appeared as Delilah's back-up singers "Lilith and Jezebel" in The Vermeers' Samson & Delilah in 2008, and it was this film that got the ball rolling for Some Town. They were the easiest characters to come up with because they were, of course, just caricatures of Holly and Jenny.

Oh, and by the way, all The Vermeers videos are available on DVD... (How's that for a plug, eh?)

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